(Death of a Bookseller)

Excellent news! My debut novel Death of a Bookseller is due for publication in 2023 with Hodder!

Read the Bookseller article here.

Check out a delightful profile in the Waltham Forest Echo here.

Synopsis of Death of a Bookseller:

“Roach, a bookseller and a loner, is content to spend her days hoarding true crime proofs, listening to murder podcasts, and sneering at the predictable tastes of her ‘normie’ customers. That is, until Laura joins the bookshop. Everyone loves Laura, with her neat outfits, literary tote bags, and beautiful poetry. But Laura has a dark side that only Roach can see, and when Roach uncovers her tragic past, curiosity blooms into obsession.

As Roach’s boundaries disintegrate, it becomes clear that she will do anything to infiltrate Laura’s life – and at any cost. Bringing together toxic female relationships and our cultural obsession with true crime, Death of a Bookseller is a compulsively readable roller-coaster of suspense that prompts discussion and reflection about the ethics of true crime and who really owns the stories we tell.”


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