#CookJan in 2021

So here’s the thing. January sucks and so do January diets. Big Diet is a 192.2 billion dollar industry, projected to reach $295.3 billion by 20271, and it’s waiting in the wings to cash in on your Christmas fun and make you feel like human garbage. I’m not going to sugar-coat it: this year, I…


Original #cookjan blog post published on smokintofu.com in December 2017: Bookshops in December are magical: Christmas decorations in jewel colours, handsome little stocking fillers, and fat piles of bestsellers ready to be wrapped and placed under sparkling Christmas trees. Cookbooks boom in December. This year, the bestsellers included Nigel Slater’s Christmas Chronicles (a beautiful love…


Hello. I’m a writer, editor and podcaster based in London. I review short story collections for Mslexia, edit fiction on a freelance basis and chair literary events in London. Do you want to work together? I’m down for whatever. Get in touch: alicemjslater (@) gmail.com Twitter: @alicemjslater Instagram: @alicemjslater

Outsiders: an anthology

I’m editing an anthology of short fiction called Outsiders for 3 of Cups Press due in September 2020. Available to preorder here. About Outsiders: I’m interested in community: creating community and rejecting it, craving it and disrupting it, fearing it and protecting it. But community can’t exist without outsiders: if we’re us, then who are…


“It’s said that if you wash your face with water from the Mississippi, you’re destined to return to New Orleans. I rinsed my face in the bathroom sink and we took the bus across town with our bags on our backs.” From A Recipe For Vegetarian Gumbo, first published in Grub #2 (Synchronise Witches Press)….


“It started with mince. Spongey and pink, marbled with fat, prim in a plastic tray.” From Of Blood and Blooming Flowers, forthcoming in What She’s Having (Dear Damsels, 2021. Preorder here).    “He savours each mouthful, alternating between the sour ale and the sweet crunch of cashews. When the glass is nearly finished, the sides…

What Page Are You On?

I co-host bookish podcast What Page Are You On? with my pal Bethany Rutter. You can listen to us on iTunes, Spotify or wherever else you might find podcasts. In 2018, we were delighted to be Podcast of the Week at Metro.co.uk (and you can read an interview with Bethany about it here).