“It’s said that if you wash your face with water from the Mississippi, you’re destined to return to New Orleans. I rinsed my face in the bathroom sink and we took the bus across town with our bags on our backs.”

From A Recipe For Vegetarian Gumbo, first published in Grub #2 (Synchronise Witches Press). Available here.


“After hearing one of the most chilling phrases in the history of patriarchy, off the threesome go to Bratislava.”

From You Just Take Them: Gender & Sexuality in Eli Roth’s Hostel (Part 1), published by Bad Reputation (2013).


“Additionally, the fact that the only female client […] chooses to murder her victim in this rather specifically vain method reinforces the assertion that for women, beauty is a matter of life and death.”

From Jeans, No Heels: Gender & Sexuality in Eli Roth’s Hostel (Part 2), published by Bad Reputation (2013).

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