Outsiders: an anthology

I’m editing an anthology of short fiction called Outsiders for 3 of Cups Press due in September 2020. Available to preorder here.

About Outsiders:

I’m interested in community: creating community and rejecting it, craving it and disrupting it, fearing it and protecting it. But community can’t exist without outsiders: if we’re us, then who are you? And if we don’t know who you are, can we trust you? I’m interested in the liminality of belonging and not belonging, and what happens when strangers and communities collide.

Outsiders is an anthology that explores the ways in which people can fit in or stand out, and how these definitions can change in the blink of an eye.

With stories from:

Anna Walsh, Anna Wood, Beverley Ho, Eley Williams, Emma Hutton, Heather Parry, Julia Armfield, Jen Campbell, Kirsty Logan, Lara Williams, Lena Mohamed, Leone Ross, Sarvat Hasin, Susan James, Stephanie Victoire and a foreword by Irenosen Okojie.

Read about Outsiders in The Bookseller.

Preorder Outsiders from 3 of Cups Press.

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